Winter Wardrobe Series Part 1 - Choosing a Winter Colour Palette

Hey guys! Today is the start of the Salt&Stitch three part winter wardrobe series on choosing a winter colour palette, the best winter fabrics, and of course favourite winter sewing patterns!


First up take a look at the colours already in your wardrobe... what do you love and what would you like to add? Take a photo, or some smaller samples of any remnants you might have and put them all together to evaluate.  

Mine has plenty of blues, browns, a warm fuchsia and plum, plenty of charcoal, earthy red & mustard's... and a touch of vibrant green! My wardrobe has many colours already... lots of slightly darker shades and warmer hues - and I'm going to try and tune my winter colour palette to fit in nicely with this theme.  A little inspiration for my palette below...


Fashion Stores - Kilt:

Chalky Digits:

Matter Prints: 


Nani Iro:

Carolyn Friedlander:

The Fabric Store: 



I've based my basic palette on more naturalistic colours, and earthy tones, with some moody blues and grays, and some more earthy, sandy tones. I have included some brighter accent colours of vibrant greens, golden sunlight, vibrant earthy brown and rusts along with deep plum and a vibrant raspberry. I love how all of these pinky/reddish hues all work together.. 

I think this should work in nicely with what I already have, and it should also mean that each piece should be pretty easy to mix and match together. 

Basic Colours:

Winter wardrobe series choosing a winter colour palette

Accent Colours:

Winter Wardrobe series choosing a winter colour palette

Who else plans their seasonal colour palettes.. I'd love to hear from you!

Next week I'll be posting about choosing winter fabrics with the advise from a few different NZ fabric suppliers, so see you then! :)