Summer Sewing List - Feb 2017

Hey guys! Today I am sharing some of the projects I would like to work on next! 

Salt and stitch summer sewing list february 2017

Most of these I have chosen to fit with my current wardrobe  - things that are missing, spaces to fill.. which seems to be pretty constant when you try not to buy anything rtw. So far this summer I have been making quite a few separates so that I can mix and match them.. you can see my capsule wardrobe post here. So this time, I have some great summery dresses lined up, and a couple more basics to replace things that are wearing out fast! :) See below for my sewing plans.. 

Merchant & Mills Fielder Top:

merchant and mills fielder top

Miss Maude has an amazing version of this, which has definitely inspired me to make my own! Ill probably be pondering over different fabric choices for a while yet while I sew a few other projects - but i just love the simplicity of the Fielder Top - and the possibility of using a mix of woven and knit fabrics together. Perfect for summer! 

Sew House Seven Nehalem Pants:

Sew House 7 Nahalem Pants

These great fisherman style pants from Sew House Seven look amazing - and I managed to eak these out of 1.5m of linen I had (with an additional contrasting waist piece).. all cut out and waiting to be sewn next! 

Named Patterns Kielo Wrap Dress:

named patterns keilo wrap dress

I have been lusting after this Named Patterns Kielo for ages, but since it uses a lot of fabric I was waiting until I had something in the stash that would work well! I found two lots of woven fabric perfect for the job (the pattern is meant for knits, but I am going to try and make it work with woven) - the rust/gold colour fabric on the left is left over from a fashion brand sale ($8 a metre!), and the other is from a second hand shop. I have 4m of these beauties each! 

Grainline Studios Farrow Dress: 

grainline studio farrow dress

I recently bought some pre washed linen online second hand (originally from the fabric store..) thanks who ever sold it to me!! Its destined to become a Farrow Dress by Grainline Studios or something similar! I love the pockets sneaked into the seam like this.. so cool! 

I do actually have a couple of other works in progress (ie. cut out and ready to go but not sewn) but these have been waiting in the wings for a while.. and I suspect might be waiting a little longer! Opps. A Doe and Deer Sureau Dress and a Blue Prints for Sewing A Frame Skirt. Both really cute patterns which I love but just got sidetracked! Best get to these soon.. 

That's all for now! Happy Sewing :)