Sew Your Own Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Hi guys! Today I am sharing with you my handmade summer capsule wardrobe! I'm calling it a capsule wardrobe - since I'm trying to create a cohesive group of items which I can mix and match and wear over and over again! 

Sew Your Own Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Last year I had a good over haul of my wardrobe/closet and figured out the items that I was mostly missing and really needed.. (there was actually waaay too many gaps in my wardrobe since I have been avoiding buying any rtw clothes where possible). I posted some of the items and my wardrobe aspirations here with some hand drawn illustrations :) 

I have been trying my best to fill these gaps over the holidays - and to use up some of the pretty fabrics that I have bought over the last year or so too! In total above, I have 20 handmade items which are all going to be well worn over summer..  (including the ones that I am wearing!)

First up - the dresses! Most of these I have actually made quite a while back, the Alder Shirtdress was one of my favourite patterns by Grainline Studios, and I have made both versions above (to the right). You can see my pattern hacks for these here and here :) 

Another of my favourites is an old Lisette Passport Dress (the pretty pink second from the left, unblogged) and more recently I had a go at making the Moneta Dress by Colette Patterns (front blue and green dress, also unblogged). Other really good versatile summer dresses I would love to make would be the Washi Dress (Made by Rae), the Kielo Wrap Dress (Named Patterns) and the Sureau Dress (Deer and Doe). 

This summer I made a real effort to make a lot of  more simple separates, easy to sew, and easy to mix and match with each other, so I can get maximum wear out of each. I have made 6 new tops to add to the collection (if i can call it that!) of two older Akita blouses (Seamwork Magazine) which I wear SO often its not funny. 

Two of my first makes, slightly more labour intensive - but super fun to make! A Geodesic Top (Blueprints for Sewing), made out of Merimekko fabric scraps (which I absolutely LOVE). I spent a whole weekend choosing these patterns and moving them about, but it was so worth it. I will be wearing this a million times over! I also made a really simple knit skirt just to wear with it (since its quite cropped it needed something specific). You can see more of my version here, and the pattern here.  

The pretty blue green linen top is a free Peplum Top pattern (Yay!) from Peppermint Magazine Sewing School and drafted by In the Folds. I love love this magazine and their amazing initiative to get more people sewing! And I am pretty excited by some of their latest patterns too.. like the Beach Coverup - so cute! 

For some super easy to make basics I chose the Bettine Dress pattern (Tilly and the Buttons) and used it to create some really simple tops. The first two on the left are made from knits, which means that they have a little stretch but they came out perfectly. The top on the right is made from a really light dotted chambray (woven as the pattern is intended for) and I used some old gold buttons that my grandma had given me on the sleeves. 

I have also made a simple high waisted Bettine skirt out of a denim linen mix with an elastic waist to go with them. Blog post to come soon about all of these! 

Another pattern which have used to create separates from is the Marigold Jumpsuit and Trousers Pattern (Tilly and the Buttons). You see the original here. I love the idea of a jumpsuit, but I wanted to create something that could be a little more practical - so I have made a Marigold Top and Shorts set instead, which can be mixed and matched with the Bettine's or other item in the wardrobe! 

Two of my old tried and true favourites, above, the Akita Top (Seamwork Magazine) are staples in my wardrobe and get worn probably about twice a week each. You can check out my pattern hack for these here, or the original here. Highly recommended and so simple to sew! 

Shorts and Trousers have been a bit more interesting  to sew. I am not often able to find rtw things in the shops which fit me really well.. my thigh/hips/waist ratio definitely does not match the commercial ones! Which I imagine could be the case for many women.. 

The patterns which I have found to love and use most often are the Moji Pants (Seamwork Magazine) and the Ultimate Trousers (Sew Over It). I use these so often because they are really simple to make and they are flattering and practical to wear! 

My version of the Moji Pants can be seen here and here (shorts). The top left shorts and the bottom right linen trousers have been both made using this pattern, using an elastic waist band along with the drawstring tie. 

My Ultimate Trousers can be seen here, here and here. The bottom left pants are made from this pattern using a lightweight stretch denim, and I have used the patch pocket from the moji pants on these - they are worn A LOT. 

I have also been experimenting with the idea of making culottes since there are so many great examples out there from other sewists. My first attempt is using Vogue 9091 with another light weight (but dark) stretch denim and I am pretty happy with them! So easy to wear to work - especially when biking! I'll be blogging about this a little later on too. 

Eventually I'd like to add to my trouser/pants collection with the Ginger Jeans (by Closet Case Files - of which I have the pattern already), more culottes using V9091 and I would love to try out the Nehalem Pants (by Sew House 7). I am slightly obsessed with Matter Prints and the amazing Indian style pants that they make - especially the Sideswept Dhoti. Such beautiful fabrics too!! I'm thinking the Nahalem pants may fulfill that obsession.. 

Of course I do have other rtw items in the wardrobe which will be worn this summer, including underwear (which i have not yet attempted to make) and other items collected from various op shops - a few long sleeve blouses, shoes, along with a few garments that have been gifted to me!

I'll be continuing to make a few items as summer continues, things that might not have been on my 'urgently need' list.. but would be quite nice to have! Perhaps including some new swimwear and poncho change towel for surfing.. Happy sewing everyone!