I'm Back... ! And With A HUGE Sewing List!

Hey guys! 

I never intended to be away for MONTHS but I have opps! Things have been busy.. and finally we moved house! but I can't blame it all on that - I just needed a moment (or 10) to take a step back and look at where this space is at and where I might like to go from here. I did have big intentions to start making and producing swimwear patterns but somewhere along the way things seem to have gotten lost.

However - I am really happy with writing about the things that I've made (or planning to make) and the adventures that I've gone on and posting motivational videos or links. So I am just going to keep on keeping on till the time comes that I can focus on new things :) and actually I'm really happy with that and I hope you guys will be too! 

So on to my sewing list.. ! and yes. since I started thinking about the things I want to sew the list is getting longer and loooonger. But I'm going to try and keep it simple! 

Firstly I have seen some AMAZING Indian print fabrics over at Miss Maude's shop. They are beautiful. And so inspiring for light breezy summer makes. My favourites are the Hand Block Printed Cotton Lean Stripe, the Indigo Flight, the Indigo Pond Life and the Watercolour Check. I can see all sorts of beautiful tops, skirts, dresses and jumpsuits coming from these.. and how neat is it that these are all hand made using traditional Indian wooden blocks? 

 Miss Maude's Little India Collection

Miss Maude's Little India Collection

Thinking about one or many of these patterns for this beautiful fabric.. 

  1. Free Easy Gathered Skirt - Pattern Runway
  2. Skirt from Bettine Dress - Tilly and the Buttons
  3. Washi Dress - Made By Rae
  4. Bettine Dress - Tilly and the Buttons

I am also really envious of all of the Ginger Jeans and Morgan Jeans (from Closet Case Files) that are appearing.. so they are on my list too! I have two batches of denim fabric that I could use for these.. a nice dark stretch denim and a stripe denim both from the fabric store. But I also LOVE all of the lighter denim Morgan Jeans I keep seeing, so I am going to keep my eye out later for this.. :) 

And still a little desperately wanting to make an Archer Button Up Shirt from Grainline Studio by the end of winter.. but we will see! I have found the perfect fabric online.. called 'Kaufman Mammoth Flannel Plaid Americana' and I may or may not have ordered 3 yards of it today... opps :) They also had some other pretty amazing plaids for another time! (see below)

I'm also planning on using up quite a bit of my stash that I have already collected - like the beautiful silk mix palm print and my small collection of vintage sheets! I've held on to these for a while since I feel a bit afraid to cut into them! But there is no point of them in hiding in my stash unloved and unworn! 

I have had my eye on the beautiful Marigold Jumpsuit pattern that came out recently (or not so recently now perhaps!).. and have seen a particularly amazing pattern hack (Marigold X Bettine!) by @chomolhari (instagram) which I LOVE. I really like the idea of making matching (or not matching sets) and still being able to mix them up and wear as separates.  

So my plan is to use the Bettine Dress, along with the Marigold Jumpsuit to make separates along with various other patterns like the Hunter Tank by Jennifer Lauren and Culottes (Vogue 9091 as below). I also have the gorgeous Rosari Skirt pattern by Pauline Alice still waiting to be tried out too! Hoping to create a more functional and easy to wear summer wardrobe :) 

Oh yea.. and also the spotlight sale on now they have $10 vogue patterns which is amazing since they usually cost around $25 - 32! I bought V9091 and V9132. I have been meaning to make some culottes for ages, ever since I saw the collection that Ada Spragg and What Katie Sews has made. I love their versions! 

I'll be sharing a couple of my more recent makes with you in the next couple of weeks.. and if you want to catch up in the mean time, feel free to check out my Instagram to see what I've been up to  :) 

Happy sewing!