Flux: Redefining Women's Surfing

Hey guys! Today I am sharing a pretty amazing and powerful film about the stereotyping of women surfers and how they might be expected to be, expected to look and wear, and expected to behave. I think the quote below sums it up perfectly. A whole world of diverse women surfers, all different cultures, ages, looks.. we need to embrace individuality and be confident with ourselves, our bodies, the way that we want to live - and feel free to go out and surf how ever we want! 

Flux: Redefining Womens surfing quote

A film clip below from 'Gidget' (based upon Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman) which is talked about in Flux - having started the women's surfing craze - which is great - but also started the stereotype of women surfers being 'white, blonde and boy crazy'. Watching this is gonna make you cringe. 

Its so disappointing  that the first thing that shows up on a google search for 'famous women surfers' is: 'Top 10: Female Surfers - AskMen' and 'The 21 Hottest Girls in Surfing | Men's Fitness'. Why should women's surfers be degraded and judged by how 'hot' they are - as defined by men. What we really want to show up is articles of kick-ass women around the world who are doing what they love and are good at it!! 

A while ago I posted this film, which really highlighted the effect that this stereotype has on the amazing strong women surfers today - with Carissa Moore. If you haven't watched it check it out below. (For more women surfer interviews click through here)

On the other hand it is amazing to see so many women standing up to this stereotype, and promoting women's surfing and adventure and encouraging all women to have a go - which is really what we need more of. To see more women surfers and women adventurers from around the world click through to my film gallery and check them out for some truly inspiring stories. 

Have a great week everyone!