Rash Vest Surf & Sewing Adventures..

I must confess I made this a little while ago - but wanted to give it a good test before I posted it here. Its my first ever self-drafted & sewn rash vest, which I particularly made with surfing in mind. 

I quite like how it has turned out - it is pretty much how I envisioned aesthetically..  with a couple of tweaks to the neckline and a little adjustment in the colour blocking I'd be pretty happy with it.. 

I wanted it to be something really easy to sew, flattering to wear and also really functional. So i made the pattern really simple, with the exception of a bit of colour blocking, and i left out sleeves so it would be really quick to run up.

I also made it quite long, since its hard to find a nice long rash vest at the shops, longer at the back so you wouldn't have to worry about flashing anyone while catching a wave while wearing a bikini, and i gave it a nice curved edged hem - which I really liked. 

But there is a little problem - you usually wear a rash vest to stop any form of salt rash while you surf right? well it turns out this casual sleeveless / capped sleeve doesn't really work that well for it especially if you are in the water for quite a while! 

The neckline could definitely use a little work, already stretching out a little since I used just simple zig zag hem with no facing or binding at all. Next time I would use a small binding to make the edge neater and more put together. And I would also bring the top green colour block up just  a little to sit a bit better. 

While it is the first of many, and has a few problems - I still have gotten a decent amount of wear out of it and have enjoyed the testing process! Here's to new things to come! 

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Happy weekending! xx