Liz Clark & The Voyage of Swell

Hey all ! Today I am sharing a video clip from the amazing Liz Clark, a surfer and environmentalist, who single handedly sails around the world looking for surf and adventures.. how awesome is that? She features in a ladies surf film 'Dear and Yonder' and this is a little clip from that.. enjoy! 

Check out Liz Clark's amazing blog 'Voyage of Swell' too!  So inspiring! 

Heres a little interview from about her too.. 

Another great blog about a couple who have taken up a life on the sea is here at 'Captain&Charlie' -- well worth a look ! 

I don't know about you guys, but I am pretty jealous! seems like such an amazing way to spend your life.. so heres to more adventures in 2016!! Lets make it happen!