First Ever Ladies Surf Adventure

Hey guys! This post is about the first time all my surf buddies and I got together and went adventuring - just us ladies! Most of us were either new to surfing or just learning so it was a really cool adventure for all of us.. and its really neat that we still surf together today! 

This place is an beautiful secluded little bay nestled on the Banks Peninsula coastline, close to our family bach. We have been visiting this place for swimming and picnics since I was really little  but only recently have I been able to appreciate what a great place it is for surfing too! 

Checking out the surf and going through some surf basics... how to spot a rip..  & how to paddle and stand up when you catch a wave... 

and a lot of fun in the waves! 

These ladies are awesome.. ! :) 

There's nothing better than having an awesome group of friends to share a trip with, people that motivate you to get out there and doing stuff. These guys are the best. 

Oh yea.. and what adventure would be complete without a bit of wharf jumping? ;) 

Edit: thanks to Bastienne & Kirsten for letting me use some of their beaut photos.. !! :) 

Thanks for visiting! Hope you have some adventures this week! xx