Sailing Adventure - Banks Peninsula

Hi there! Today I am sharing this years family sailing trip from Lyttelton to Little Akaloa, Banks Peninsula. Its a family tradition to make this journey on boxing day or the day after. Our grandpa loved boats and sailing, and passed this down to his children and then finally when us grand kids came along we all learnt to sail too.. although I have to say - we aren't nearly as good as they were! 

We start in the inner harbour at Lyttelton, where all the crew/things come aboard & the orange life raft is attached to the outside (just in case) and the yellow dingy pulled on board too, for getting to shore at the other end.

Crew this year: Dad (skipper), Aunty Caroline, Morris (dads best friend), Oli, Rachel & Sally the dog. Sally didn't actually come with us, but she had a good time hoping on and off the boat till we left. Oh yea and its a tradition to wear these silly hats when we go - since dad loves them so much he bought us all one for Christmas one year ;) 

Dad at his chart table working out where we are going and writing in the log book, and setting up the GPS to track our journey (he loves this part). 

Leaving the inner harbour...

...and out to sea. This is my favourite place to sit - deck hand & optimal dolphin viewing seat! 

Oli and Rachel below steering, and by this time, a lot of sitting around for the rest of us when we are not changing tack (spot the person taking a sleep in the cockpit.. whoops). Its probably a good time to mention that when there's not much wind, this trip can take a while!

Cleaning the buoy and rope at the other end - when you don't make this trip often the sea life starts to take over :)

And finally Oli rowing us all ashore at Little Akaloa Bay.  

Thanks also to Caroline for the use of some of her photos!  Hope you enjoyed! :) Happy adventuring!