New Years Resolutions 2016

Hey ! Happy New Year everyone! Love that feeling of starting a new page, setting some goals to achieve, re-evaluating everything & deciding what I might like to do next.. ! So here are a few sewing goals for 2016. 

Personal Sewing 

I love the idea of creating more practical clothing that I can wear everyday - whether or not I am cycling to work, out on a site visit, to the beach, at home, in the garden.. and trying more adventurous sewing of things that I might not usually sew or wear. 

1950's Trousers, Shorts & Jeans

  • Loving these Jean versions of 'cigarette pants' by Gertie ^^^ from the book 'Gertie Sews Vintage Casual' - pretty much love all the versions of these.. !
  • ..and this version of Colette Clover pants on The Little Tailoress Blog 
  • Still loving the Ultimate Trousers by SewOverIt - especially since I've made a few versions and have the fit pretty good! (also loving it with added pockets!)


  • How cool are these McCall's 6083 jumpsuits -  my friend Rosie and I are planning on making them together - love a good sewing date! Think I'll try version D , but I can see the long version might be quite cute too! 
  • This version of the Holly Jumpsuit by Fifty Two Fancies is amazing - check it out! 


LOVE this trend - so cute! And not something I would usually wear. The idea of having tops and skirts/pants that you can wear together as a complete outfit or separately is awesome!

Buying Not-Me-Made

This year I have made such an effort not to buy anything new, which I am really proud of, and to be honest - since I started sewing, going shopping has not been nearly as exciting, and I know I get so much more joy out of my me-made items. 

I did, however, notice that making all my clothing left so little time for other sewing projects - like the women's surf patterns that I have been working on - and I would love so much to have something finished soon. So I have decided that I should devote more of my time to these, and not feel so pressured to sew everything. It's really nice to be able to support local businesses and locally made clothing too - so I am going to try to do that more this year. 

Some of my favourite places to shop (or more often window shop):

  • Kilt Clothing - definitely one of my favourites - I bought two dresses (with Xmas gift vouchers at the end of 2015 - and I love them). 
  • Thunderpants - the best ever place to buy amazingly comfortable and patterned underwear and camis (thanks to my awesome almost-sister-in-law who brought me a cowgirls set for Xmas - so cute!)
  • Chalkydigits - I always find myself window shopping here, and I have to admit I don't actually own anything from them, but I do own some fabric - and their designs are so cool!
  • Kowtow - another NZ brand I don't own anything of, but I really like the look of their simple T-shirts and leggings in cool prints. 

And of course - I am all for op-shopping, upcycling used clothing, and clothing swaps!! 

Salt&Stitch Sewing

  • Salt&Stitch Rash Vests - I am looking to get a versatile rash vest sewing pattern out for testing in the next month or two. I am currently testing these for comfort and practicality in the water.. but I can't wait to show you! 
  • Hi-waisted Bikini Bottoms & Skirt - the next thing I want to work on is producing a pattern for bikini bottoms that don't come off while you are surfing, and obviously that look good too! 
  • Salt&Stitch Labels - something new for me! I am working on a wee Salt&Stitch label design to put into one of a kind rash vests & bottoms to sell online.. !

Look forward to reading about everyone else's resolutions - and to get working on my own! And in the meantime - there's still a bit of holiday to be had, and we are heading over to the West Coast to stay in a cute retro bach and to find some surf! Happy Holidaying!