Banks Peninsula Surf Adventure

Hi there! Today I thought I would share one of the first (and best!) surf adventures I went on - which was organised by my awesome friend Rosie for her birthday weekend.

We stayed at the lodge at Hinewai Reserve, which is an amazing little valley of regenerating NZ native bush running from the top of Banks Peninsula right down to the sea - and run by a really amazing botanist & author, Hugh Wilson, who is quite famous for never using a car to get anywhere! (he is incredibly fit and bikes & walks instead.. ). 

We spent our days down one of the bays, well known for its amazing surf beach - one day the weather was quite dramatic - and the other beautiful and sunny. I've posted both days of adventure below for you to see.. enjoy!

The view above is looking down Hinewai Reserve to the bay - Banks Peninsula is so stunning to visit and photograph. It is truly one of my most favourite places in the world. 

Trusty surf van - thanks for the ride Matt & Rosie!

This is my beautiful German friend, Bastienne, who I had the privilege of hanging out and surfing with for a summer.. good times!

This bay is such an amazing place to visit - lots of wild life - seals (and apparently sharks? who knows?) and most importantly some great surf! 

...and some super cute hand-made driftwood beach huts to hang out in if you get too cold! We fitted 6 people in here!

Nothing beats heading out to play in the surf with some cool (and I'd say slightly quirky) friends! Haha. These guys are awesome ^^^

An old film camera given to Rosie for her birthday - how neat is that?

And finally a nice walk back to the car to get warm again.. !

By the way - if you are wondering, these photos are taken with an old Pentax MX (which used to be my dads) - and even though some of the photos are a bit grainy I love this camera and the photos it takes! 

Thanks for visiting.. happy adventuring!!