I'm Laura, I live in New Zealand with my dog, June, and I LOVE to surf and sew my own clothes and swimwear. I started this blog to inspire myself and other ladies who love the same things.

Salt&Stitch  follows my personal sewing journey & surfing adventures ---> you can find these in the tabs SEW & SURF above. There are also plenty of easy, free & recycled sewing tips and tutorials and pattern hacks to solving your wardrobe dilemmas. 

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I am also very passionate about leading a more sustainable and ethical life - and sewing your own clothes and swim & surf wear is a great way to contribute to this.

You can choose what type of fabrics you wear, where they are made and what from, and you can even choose to use one-of-a-kind thrifted fabric! I am always more proud of my sewing projects when I know it has been ethically produced or made from recycled fabrics. This seems to really agree with the surfing ethos of looking after the environment you live and play in.

Happy Adventuring!


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